Kachina Vineyards

Kachina Vineyards

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Kachina which means God of good harvest and prosperity is a small winery producing less than 2500 cases per year. We ARE green! Off-grid and one of the few who is operating 100% on solar energy. We are ecstatic that we can do our part to preserve mother earth and conserve energy. We try to practice this not only in our lifestyle, but in our winemaking/vineyard managment process as well. Our vineyards are pesticide free. We welcome you to come have a glass of wine and check us out!

Kachina Vineyards provides the ideal location to rest, relax and enjoy wine. Your visit will be a private and personal one-on-one experience with the winemaker as your appointment will be just your party. Experience the peaceful, off-the-beaten-path atmosphere at our winery. Enjoy breathtaking views of the vineyards. Take a stroll through large heritage and black oak trees that span the entire property. Play a fun and relaxing game of Petanque, (the French version of Italian Bocce Ball) while you sip on a glass of wine. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience!



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