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There is no higher priority than the safety of our attendees, wineries and community. That is why we have decided to postpone Passport weekend. We look forward to bringing everyone together to celebrate our collective resiliency with laughter, friendship and great wine later this year. The outpouring of emails, calls and support from our loyal ticketholders who have shared this weekend with us for 5, 10 or even 20 years has been remarkable and buoyed our spirits through this stressful time.

An emergency Shelter in Place has been issued for our County and State rendering us under the “non-essential” work category. With this implementation, we’ve been unable to collaborate with all of our stakeholders of the event to make the necessary decisions for Passport to Dry Creek Valley and do not anticipate next steps being made or announced until we are allowed to resume business after April 7th.

If you are trying to contact us, we truly appreciate your patience & kindness. We are 100% human and also dealing with the added stresses of this time. For those of you who have already emailed or called us, your message has been put into a queue and we will respond as we are able once our offices are reopened.

Thank you!


Don’t Miss Out On Passport to Dry Creek Valley 2020!

We’re celebrating 31 years of Dry Creek Valley – Sonoma Wine Country on TBD.


Join us on a festive journey to discover what goes into every bottle of Dry Creek Valley wine.

37 of our Dry Creek Valley wineries are coming together to share their passion with you and this year

at Passport, there’s more ways than ever to do so.


Passport weekend promises:

– – No shortage of flawless food & wine pairings

– – New releases for spring (can you say 2019 rosé?)

– – Innovative ways to learn about wine at the new Uncorked sessions

– – Stock your cellar worthy case promotions

– – Coveted spots in wine clubs

– – Access to countless wines that you can’t find on the shelf

– – Lunches with your favorite winemakers

– – Idyllic and unbelievable Vineyard Tours

– – and so much more!


Tickets on sale NOW!

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The Weekend:

When you purchase your Passport ticket you’ll first select whether you want a 2-Day Passport or a Sunday Only ticket. Next you’ll select a “Check-In” winery. This is where you’ll receive your wine glass, Passport booklet, wristband for the entire weekend. 2-Day Passports only need to check-in once on Saturday. After that, you’re free to explore any of the 35+ participating Passport wineries in Dry Creek Valley. We strongly recommend planning out your routes ahead using our Itinerary Planner to maximize the fun over your weekend! Each winery has their own unique Passport style, truly something for everyone.

2-Day Passports: $150 (plus sales tax & ticketing fees)

Sunday Only Passports: $92.50 (plus sales tax & ticketing fees)

If you have a group larger than 6, we recommend contacting Debbie (707-433-3031) prior to February 1st.

Adding on to Passport Weekend:

This year we are offering a variety of Friday activities if you are in the area. During the day we are hosting a series of  Prelude Lunches and in the evening, the exclusive Vintage Soiree.

If you’re interested in getting out in the vineyards, book a vineyard tour for Saturday or Sunday morning. We offer Classic Vineyard Tours over Passport weekend – all beautiful and educational, and yes, there will be wine!

Be sure to check out our newest addition to Passport weekend, Uncorked! At these intimate experiences, Passport wineries take you behind the scene for educational opportunities about wine, terroir, winegrowing practices, food pairings and more at various times throughout Passport weekend. Spaces are limited. 

For the Designated Driver in your group, we offer single day tickets ($50 per day) so they can enjoy the fun and the food of Passport in a responsible way.

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Click here to check out more of the fun with our Passport Photo Gallery!


“While there are many wine festivals around, few offer the access to winemakers and intimate tastings that Passport to Dry Creek Valley in northern Sonoma County, California, boasts.” – Jeanne O’Brien Coffey, Forbes 

“The great part is that unlike many other multi-winery tasting events, this one has a long-standing tradition. When buying your ticket, you also choose which winery you would like to pick your passport up at, which spreads the crowds over the entire valley.” – Esther Tseng, E*Star LA

“After your lunch and/or dinner is complete, you have the whole passport-y weekend to look forward to…Add to all of this the exquisite April-ness of Dry Creek Valley, with everything in early bud and bloom, and you have a prelude not just to a wine-nice weekend but, also, to one of the best times of year in the area.” – Alysia Gray Painter, NBC Bay Area

Featured in these national, regional and local publications:




Tickets go on sale to the public every year on February 1st at 10am PST! 

If you have a group larger than 6, we recommend contacting Debbie (707-433-3031) prior to this date.
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Passport to Dry Creek Valley was introduced in 1990, by the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley, as a time every year when the winegrowing community could come together to celebrate the generations of farmers, vintners and families that are the roots of the Dry Creek Valley wine region. Over the 28 years since, the event has become a beloved tradition among wine lovers who enjoy a world-class tasting experience with a festive twist, all within the idyllic Dry Creek Valley.

Over one weekend, Passport guests are welcomed into 40+ wineries throughout Dry Creek Valley, each offering a unique pairing of premium wine, gourmet food and entertainment. Take a vineyard tour for a grape-to-glass look at Dry Creek Valley wine. Sample exclusive vintages, rarely available to taste. Meet winemakers and grapegrowers – the generations of people behind the wine and magical ‘Dry Creek Valley spirit’. Savor exquisite food and wine pairings from acclaimed chefs.  Delight in discovering each winery’s unique Passport “theme,” a tradition of the event. The possibilities are as varied as the wineries themselves and promise a fun, unforgettable weekend. Enjoy!

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Winegrowers to Dry Creek Valley thanks its sponsors for Passport to Dry Creek Valley!