Passport 2022 FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions, 

Passport 2022

Is a list of Passport 2022 Participating Wineries available? 

Yes! Winery themes, wines planned, food pairings, musical entertainment and more at each participating winery is now available on our website!  Visit Passport 2022 Winery Themes & Wines for more information on each participating winery and start planning your weekend!

Will we need a map of Dry Creek Valley and will one be available? 

Yes!  Given cellular service is not widely available in Dry Creek Valley, we HIGHLY recommend downloading and printing a Passport 2022 Participating Winery Map in advance of your visit.  You may also use this map to plan your winery stops.  A Passport 2022 Map will also be given with each Passport 2022 Booklet when you check in.

Do you have any tips on how to structure the day/weekend?

We suggest that you begin your Passport adventure in the geographic area of your starting winery. For instance, if you are assigned to pick up your Passport Saturday at Mill Creek Winery in the southern end of the valley, plan on visiting Orsi, DaVero, BACA, Pezzi King, and/or Coyote Sonoma that day.  On Sunday, head to the north end of the valley starting at Fritz Underground Winery, visiting CAST, Trattore Farms, etc. as you make your way south.

Review our online itinerary planner at and reference the Passport 2022 Participating Winery Map, along with the winery themes to  help you decide.  Once you know which wineries you really want to visit, stay in that general area. It is nearly impossible to visit all of the wineries that participate.

Are there any extra Passport Weekend events we can attend while we’re in town? 

Yes!  Passport 2022 Boutique Event offerings are now on sale on our website.  Our winery members are offering lunches and dinners, vineyard tours and tastings, bubbly hours and cocktail hours.  There is undoubtedly a Boutique Passport Event available for every taste!  Don’t delay though, several events are already sold out.  Buy your Boutique Event tickets today and add some extra dazzle to your Passport 2022 adventure!

Why are all of our Passport tickets under one name and does it matter?

When we transferred Passport 2020 tickets to the Passport 2022 event, individual names and email addresses on each ticket were not preserved by our ticket vendor.  Not to worry.  As long as your entire group will be checking in together, the group of tickets may remain under the primary purchasers name.  You do not need individual names on each ticket.  Each winery will have a complete list of names with the number of tickets assigned to each purchaser.

If you only received one email Ticket Confirmation from EventBrite, it is highly likely that any incremental ticket confirmation emails went into your Spam/Junk folder.  Please review your Spam/Junk prior to contacting us.

Thanks for your continued patience as we process and preserve your Passport tickets!

Are tickets available for Designated Drivers?

Yes.  Designated Driver tickets for Passport 2022 – both Saturday and Sunday, are available for purchase on EventBrite.  Limited quantities are available.  Tickets are $65 each for either Saturday or Sunday.

What does a Designated Driver ticket include?

We DO NOT provide a driver. This is a ticket for someone in your party willing to drive and NOT sample any wine. Designated drivers will be able to enjoy the food and live entertainment each winery provides.

Do I need to be 21 to purchase a Designated Driver ticket?

Yes!  The event is for adults who are over the age of 21. You must carry your ID with you throughout the entire event and provide proof of vaccination/negative test result upon check-in.

Is Proof of Vaccination or negative Covid test required for all attendees and what are the guidelines? 

YES.  All attendees of any Passport weekend event, including designated drivers, will be required to show both identification and either Proof of Covid vaccination or provide a negative Covid test result performed at a lab.  No home test results will be accepted.  Please review our Passport 2022 Health Policy for all important details and remember to bring your information with you.

What is my option if I no longer plan to attend Passport 2022?

  1. Donate your ticket/s:  You may donate your ticket/s back to Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley.  WDCV is a 501c6 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, protect and preserve Dry Creek Valley, our wineries, growers and the community.  To donate your ticket, please complete our Passport Ticket Donation Form.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to protect this beautiful valley!

Are refunds or credits available for Passport tickets?

No.  WDCV is unable to offer refunds or future credit on any type of Passport ticket.  You may donate or transfer your ticket.

Are Passport 2022 Participating Wineries able to help me with ticket requests

Unfortunately, no.  WDCV handles all ticket requests as the Organizer of Passport to Dry Creek Valley.  Please be patient as we work hard to service all of our many ticketholders with a very small staff of dedicated professionals. 

We would like to attend Passport with a group. Can we hire a bus?

When making plans for Passport, please be aware that large, full buses will not be allowed at this event. Receiving a group of 40-60 people at one time is difficult for wineries to manage.  To be responsible hosts, to provide an experience worth remembering, and to adequately describe the variety of wines being poured, smaller groups of people are ideal. Therefore smaller buses up to 24 passengers and limousines are allowed at Passport; however not all wineries can accommodate buses and limousines so please refer to your Passport Booklet and call ahead to check with each winery you would like to visit. 

May I bring my dog?

We kindly request that you do not bring your dog to event weekends. It is often hot on Passport weekend so leaving a pet in the car is not a good option either.

May I bring my child?

Unfortunately, no.  This event is for adults who are over the age of 21. Children, including infants in carriers are not allowed to attend this event.

Do I need to carry my ID?

Yes! The event is for adults who over the age of 21. You must carry your ID with you throughout the entire event. Many people think that because they showed their ID at their starting winery that they then can put it away. Each winery is responsible for the people tasting at their winery and reserve the right to request ID; if you are unable to provide it they will refuse service. 

A few additional helpful suggestions:

We suggest refraining from wearing perfumes, colognes, aftershave or lotions.  Fragrance can overwhelm the aromas and taste of the wines for you and the people around you.

Limit the amount of wine you taste.  Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Spit; Water is provided-stay hydrated; Take your time at each winery.  The Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley encourage you to drink responsibly.

Drive carefully.  The winding roads are narrow and the scenery is breathtaking!  There is a lot of traffic during Passport weekend.  Please be advised that the California Highway Patrol will be in the valley to enforce parking restrictions.

As with all occasions at which alcohol is consumed, we encourage guests to exercise caution, limiting consumption, staying hydrated and utilizing one of the region’s many transportation services or purchasing a designated driver ticket.

If you need additional information please contact WDCV at 707-433-3031.