The Dry Creek Culinary Experience is a new way to experience the bounty of Dry Creek Valley and we knew the perfect food blogger to do the tour justice. Esther, referred to as e*Star, works with money by day and food, cocktails and beer by night. Esther is a huge advocate and fan of Dry Creek Valley, especially Passport! You can read about her 2016 Passport experience hereShe has been featured in many popular publications such as Eater, Thrillist, The LA Times and was even listed as one of LA’s Best Food Instagram Accounts by The Huffington Post.

Dry Creek Culinary Experience

In this video Itinerary, Esther visits Quivira for their farm-to-table Vineyard Vista Tasting. Then dines in Simoncini’s beautiful wine cave for in-house prepared Cicheti. Her final stop brings her to a five course food and wine meal artfully prepared by Michel-Schlumberger’s Chef Johnny.

Warning – we don’t suggest watching this video if you are hungry!

When you decide to visit any of these wineries for their food and wine experiences, be sure to call ahead and RSVP for your party.


Contact Information:

Quivira Vineyards & Winery -707.431.8333 and reserve their Vineyard Vista Tasting

Simoncini Vineyards – 707.433.8811 and reserve a Seasonal Cicheti

Michel-Schlumberger – 707.433.7427 and reserve a seating at their 5-Course Food & Wine Pairing.

Food & Wine Adventures in Dry Creek Valley

The Dry Creek Culinary Experience

“The experience really changed how I viewed Zinfandel; I now consider it one of my dinner wine candidates — reframing its peppery-ness as an asset. It was so great to hear about the county’s aim to be an entirely sustainable and how the wine-growing region is already 70% there. In the video, I visit 3 vineyards in a day — however, I basically visited 7 overall. It’s hard work, really. Tasting wine…continue reading Esther’s blog here.

Olive Oil Tasting and Tour at Trattore Farms

The second video about Esther’s adventures, showcasing her visit to Trattore Farms, home of Rhone-style estate wines and Dry Creek Olive Company. Esther went on Trattore’s Get Your Boots Dirty: Vineyard, Orchard and Olive Mill Tour with General Manager Michelle Robson. We followed along to capture the experience for you!

To read more about the Olive Harvest across Dry Creek Valley, visit our blog.

We have so many great choices for food and wine experiences in Dry Creek Valley that aren’t just limited to this itinerary. We invite you to venture out and find your own amazing food and wine pairings. Share your own Dry Creek Culinary Experience by tagging us @drycreekvalleywines or with the hashtag #drycreekvalley. You may be featured on our social media pages!


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