Picture-Perfect Itinerary

Wherever you find yourself in Dry Creek Valley, you’ll find yourself surrounded by endless beauty and history. Dry Creek Valley is known for its scenic vineyards, gorgeous gardens but also for its quirky hidden charms within the wineries. While the wines are pleasing to your taste buds, the sights are just as easy on the eyes. Each new winery presents itself as a new picture-perfect photo opportunity. The six wineries in this itinerary feature some of Dry Creek Valley’s more unique photo ops for you to share with family and friends.

The Picture-Perfect Dry Creek Valley Itinerary


1. Seghesio Family Vineyards

seghesio 2

Begin your morning in Healdsburg after brunch for your first stop on this Picture-Perfect Itinerary. A visit to Seghesio Family Vineyards is where we begin, conveniently located in the town of Healdsburg on Grove Street.

Seghesio Vineyards have been a part of Sonoma County’s history and fabric since 1895. What started with a small vineyard in Alexander Valley, became a multi-vineyard tribute to their Italian heritage in Sonoma County. In present days, Seghesio produces a wide variety of Italian wines – full bodied and carefully crafted. Be sure to try their 91 pt. 2012 Cortina Zinfandel grown from their vineyard planted back in 1972.

seghesio 1

Photo Opportunity: Take a picture of you and your friends playing Bocce in Seghesio’s gorgeous courtyard.


2. Mazzocco Sonoma


Your next stop brings you to Lytton Springs Rd – Mazzocco! Upon arriving, you’ll instantly know why this makes the list for Picture-Perfect Dry Creek Valley as you’re greeted with rolling vineyards and blooming flowers.

Mazzocco is all about enjoying wine and living the good life.  A visit allows you to experience all that the wine country has to offer. A favorite destination for wine enthusiasts Mazzocco holds high standings for dozens of Zinfandels and other varietals. Winemaker Antoine Favero is often seen in the tasting room, so look for him when you are at the winery and get some firsthand secrets from one of Dry Creek valley’s master winemakers.

Photo Opportunity: Sit on the patio with a glass of any of Mazzocco’s single vineyard Zinfandel and smile with the acres of estate vineyards behind you.


3. Ferrari-Carano


One of Dry Creek Valley’s nationally recognized labels is our next stop on this picture-perfect outing. Founded in 1981, Ferrari-Carano is a slice of luxury in Dry Creek Valley. This facility is used to produce mainly Ferrari-Carano’s white varietals, while their red producing facility is located over the hill in Alexander Valley. But no need to make two trips – you’ll find all of their wonderful wines available to taste in both indoor and outdoor tasting rooms. Or visit their Enoteca room for Reserve & Limited Release bottles with dramatic cellar views.

ferrari-carano garden

Photo Opportunities: Ferrari-Carano is surrounded by 5-acres of gorgeous gardens. Take a self guided tour through the gardens and take a selfie next to their cork tree or numerous gorgeous fountains which create instant zen.


4. Quivira Vineyards & Winery

Quivira 3

Head south through the Valley, take a turn down Yoakim Bridge, over the creek and through the one lane road to Quivira Vineyards for a unique biodynamic and tasting experience. Biodynamic farming is a pure expression of the vineyards. Earthy, vibrant and rich with character, you will find that Quivira wines deliver one of the most authentic wine drinking experiences you can find.

It’s one thing to read about Quivira wines and how they are produced. It is another thing to experience their Dry Creek Valley estate. Full with colorful gardens, entertaining animal life, soothing waterways and, of course, abundant vineyards, offer breathtaking views of this small but thriving wine region.


Photo Opportunities: Visit Quivira’s Chicken Condo for some chickens rocking some crazy haircuts year round – be sure to get a picture for a good laugh later. Bonus points if you can match your hairstyles!


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5. Dry Creek Vineyard

dry creek vineyard

Continue south and take a left onto Lambert Bridge. On your right you’ll be greeted by Dry Creek Vineyard, the first new winery to open post-prohibition. If you’re a fan of Dry Creek Sauvignon Blanc, you have their founder David Stare, Dry Creek pioneer to thank.

Their wine list contains countless white and red varietals, ranging from our flagship wines: Sauvignon Blanc & Zinfandel to Malbec, Red Blends and delectable dessert wines.

Photo Opportunities: Dry Creek Vineyard offers a Tour & Taste Dry Creek Valley where you’ll be lead through the family’s history and winemaking process – all while tasting through it as they go. Capture your moment in the barrel room next to the source from which your glass was filled.


6. Wilson Winery

wilson winery

On your last visit heading out of the Valley, we bring you to Wilson Winery. Where as soon as you approach, you’ll instantly see your next photo-opportunity. Wilson distinguishes itself with superb wines and a reputation for family and tradition – evident in the century-old tin barn that houses the Wilson’s facility. One of the oldest structures in the legendary Dry Creek Valley, the barn has been restored by Ken and Diane Wilson to provide a state-of-the-art venue for their award-winning winemaking while offering previews into both past and future.


Photo Opportunity: Hand your camera over to a friend and climb up into that unique and modern coyote. I bet that’s not something you hear every day. Pose for the camera for the last picture perfect opportunity of this tour.

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