Field blend zinfandel

Yesterday, we hosted a virtual live wine tasting for about a dozen wine bloggers from all over the country. The theme was “field blend zinfandel,” and it was lead by winemakers John Olney of Ridge Lytton Springs and Kerry Damskey of Dutcher Crossing Winery; and Assistant Winemaker of Dry Creek Vineyard, Nova Perrill. So what exactly is a “field blend zinfandel?”

Well, let’s first start with the meaning of field blends. A field blend is wine created from several varieties of grapes that were all grown together (same vineyard), picked together and co-fermented. A field blend zinfandel is primarily made from zinfandel grapes, with the addition of a small percentage of other varietals that were planted in the same vineyard as the zinfandel.

There’s much more to learn about field blend zinfandel, particularly those produced here in Dry Creek Valley. So sit back, relax, pour a glass of wine (we recommend a field blend zin from Dry Creek Valley!) and enjoy this informative, fun and educational discussion by three of our region’s winemakers.