Spring is on the horizon here in Dry Creek Valley and that means a special celebration is on its way… Passport to Dry Creek Valley! Now in its landmark 25th year, this event is set for the weekend of April 26th and 27th. Tickets going on sale here on February 1st, at 10am and judging by the reception to our Passport Sweepstakes on Facebook and initial demand, they’re likely to sell out even quicker than last year.

If you’ve never been to Passport before or haven’t been in awhile, here’s why you should make this year’s anniversary celebration the wine event you don’t want to miss. Over one incredible weekend, Passport guests are welcomed to visit 50 wineries throughout Dry Creek Valley, each one offering a unique pairing of premium wine selections, gourmet food, festive activities and lively entertainment. Every winery has their own unique Passport “theme,” a tradition of the event where they get to translate the creativity of their wines by weaving an unforgettable atmosphere. For many wine lovers, Passport is the wine event of the year, a pilgrimage with a permanent place on the calendar, their Springtime jubilee.

Passport started with a simple enough idea… organize a celebration to bring together the winegrowing community of Dry Creek Valley and help introduce this region’s cherished wines, especially its fabled Zinfandels, to the broader public at large. The brainchild of the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley, this would be an event to bring together generations of farmers, vintners and established family winemakers, from the vineyards to the tasting rooms and vendors, to celebrate and showcase all things Dry Creek Valley.  And over the 24 years since this idea took root, our event has become a beloved tradition among wine lovers the world over, a premium, world-class tasting experience with a fun and festive twist. To learn more, visit here.

This year’s winery themes aim to transport you… From Prohibition era hideouts to ringmasters’ circus tents… from the Tuscany hills to the back alleys of Bourbon Street, many of the wineries are raising the bar for this year’s 25th anniversary celebration. And the possibilities don’t stop there. This is your opportunity to experience this wineries in-depth. Take a vineyard tour for a grape-to-glass look at how Dry Creek Valley wine is produced. Sample exclusive vintages, rarely available to taste. Meet your favorite winemakers, grape growers, and the generations of talented, hard-working folks behind every glass. Discover up-close and personal, the magical ‘Dry Creek Valley spirit’ and hopefully, take some home with you.

 Tickets for Passport to Dry Creek Valley go on sale February 1st, at 10am. To purchase tickets, click here. Below is a list of the all the Dry Creek Valley wineries participating in Passport this year and a wonderful opportunity for you prepare for the wineries you want to visit. See you there!