Dry Creek Valley Culinary Cooperative

Dry Creek Valley Culinary Cooperative

Wine and food pairing in Dry Creek Valley just got a whole lot easier.

Picture this. You’re in a Dry Creek Valley tasting room and you’ve just purchased a bottle of Old Vine Zinfandel that you tried in a tasting pour. And it was simply phenomenal. Sublime. The best wine you’ve tasted in a long day of tasting.

And while you’re making mental notes that some perceptive angel should do heaven a solid and make sure its stocked with every last bottle of this incredible wine, your staff host, maybe even the winemaker, casually mentions that your Old Vine Zinfandel would pair well with a grilled flank steak or possibly braised lamb shanks like Miles Davis and a trumpet. Miles Davis playing ‘Kind Of Blue‘. Now that’s one powerful recommendation.

Naturally, you feel good about splurging a little. You look at the time and realize it’s getting close to dinner; you’ve made a reservation for one of Healdsburg’s amazing restaurants, fully prepared for it to be one of the best meals you’ve had in awhile, and you don’t want to be late. Time to head back to your hotel room, maybe change into some evening wear, tick tock, tick tock…

And what do you do with that amazing bottle of Old Vine Zinfandel you just splurged on? Why, you put it in your suitcase. For another time.

There’s something wrong with this scenario. And apropos, the meal you had in Healdsburg was amazing — there was even braised lamb shank on the menu — only you didn’t order it because it would’ve been a shame to have ordered it and not have the Old Vine Zinfandel you purchased to accompany it. The corkage fee held you back…

But not anymore.

Charlie Palmer's Dry Creek Kitchen

Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen

We’re excited to announce the Dry Creek Valley Culinary Cooperative, a pioneering partnership with many of our region’s top restaurants, including some of the premier culinary establishments not just in Sonoma County, but in the entire country. How’s it work?

Beginning September 1st, purchase a bottle at one of our 60+ wineries and receive a voucher for complimentary corkage at participating Healdsburg and Geyserville restaurants. Voucher is good for up to one week after purchase. Present the voucher at the participating restaurant for complimentary corkage of one bottle of wine and Salute!

Below is a list of our charter restaurant partners:

Barn Diva                                             Healdsburg Bar & Grill

Bistro Ralph                                        Madrona Manor

Bravas Bar de Tapas                          Mateo’s Cocina Latina

Cafe Lucia                                            Pizzando

Catelli’s Restaurant                            Restaurant Charcuterie

Chalkboard Bistro                              Sake O

Diavola Pizzeria                                  Spoonbar

Dry Creek Kitchen                              Taverna Sofia

Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar

Complete menu book of participating restaurants

Bistro Ralph's

Bistro Ralph’s

We’re excited because wine and food pairing comes to life with this program: the prestige of Dry Creek Valley wines combined with the extraordinary local culinary scene. For many in Dry Creek Valley, an area with a century-rich tradition of winemaking and agriculture, genuine passion for wine culture can only be matched by an equally fervent appreciation for food. About town, tableside chatter about acidity and balance has always blended seamlessly with gourmand-inspired discussions around aroma and flavor. Such is a way of life.

And now, for visitors near and far, we’re bringing this concept to life in a whole new, exciting way.

Bar at Spoonbar


And don’t forget, if you’re on Social Media, to hashtag your corkage free adventures in #DCVCulinaryConnect.