Zinfandel Experience 2015 Photo Recap

We love heading over to San Francisco every year to show off Dry Creek Valley’s lovely zins at Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (ZAP) event Zinfandel Experience! Check out some photos from this year’s celebration of our beloved grape!



Our table, featuring seven fine Dry Creek Valley zinfandels: Kokomo, Talty, Dry Creek Vineyard, Cast, Del Carlo, Rued, and soon-to-be opened Comstock wineries.


There were more than 800 people tasting hundreds of zins in five different rooms on Saturday’s Grand Tasting!


Wilson Winery pouring a range of their fine zinfandels


Erik Miller (right), winemaker at Kokomo Winery made friends with these zin lovers who hail from Kokomo, Indiana–the winery’s namesake!


Simonchini Vineyards wines were well-loved. If you visit them in Dry Creek Valley, you can taste the wines with their tasty cicchetti menu!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.07.50 PM

Cast Wines–Dry Creek Valley’s youngest winery!

If you can’t get enough Dry Creek Valley wines, make sure to get tickets to Passport to Dry Creek Valley and Prelude to Passport!