It’s about a week into the New Year and I’m sure all of you are still going strong on your pledges for 2019! Who else thinks it’s unfair that January 1st came on a Wednesday this year? Don’t they know that you can only start new diets and routines on Mondays? This year we decided to stick with what we know best for our resolutions and think you’ll find these a lot more fun and fulfilling than your average detox.

Resolution #1: Try Something New

While we often find ourselves set in our own ways, the New Year gives us the extra motivation to try something different! In Dry Creek Valley, there’s all sorts of new wines and experiences happening. We’ve recently rediscovered our love for the hard to find, hand cultivated varietals such as Frick Winery’s Cinsault, Zo Wine’s Carignane, or Seghesio Arneis.

Browse by varietal on our Winery Profile pages and try something new this year.

Resolution #2: Travel and see the world.

We’re very excited for 2019, because for the first time Dry Creek Valley is going on three Wine Cruises! We’ll be exploring the flavors of Spain + Portugal on the Douro this April. And then in June, our Bordeaux cruise was so popular we added another sailing option immediately after! If you’re looking to getaway with some of Dry Creek Valley’s best wine, then you’re in luck because there’s still spots available on that second sailing. Make it happen and learn more about it here.

Resolution #3: See my friends more often!

Friends and family seem to only get together on occasions nowadays, so in 2019, make your own occasion. We’re loving the idea of starting your own “Wine Club” with your friends. Set a monthly date, assign a varietal to discuss, and taste. Everyone brings their own bottle to share and the host makes the cheese plate. There are so many easily accessible wine resources that make tasting wine easy and fun like it should be. You can also learn more about Dry Creek Valley’s most popular wines like Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Old Vine Zin and Rosé today.

Resolution #4: Indulge in a new self-care routine

2019 should is going to be a year of self-care. How can you expect to perform at your peak if you aren’t taking care of your own needs and self? And didn’t you know that a glass of red wine has some great health benefits too?  How about you spend Friday nights with a glass of Zin and that new series you can’t stop watching. Oh, that’s not new? How about Saturday nights with a glass of Dry Creek Valley Grenache and that new series you can’t stop watching. Or, go for a bike ride through your favorite wine country setting aka Dry Creek Valley.

Resolution #5: Embrace + celebrate another year around the sun.

Growing up isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do. But when it comes to wine we’re all about it! Aged wine is complex and noteworthy. Also this year we’re all about celebrating Passport turning 30! We are so excited to bring in and revel this landmark year. We’re bringing some new things to the event this year and cannot wait to share them with you. Tickets go on sale February 1st at 10am pst, so mark your calendars. Learn more about Passport here.