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Passport is the perfect weekend for so many things and once you’ve attended you know why we and all of our community gets so excited for it each year. It’s the ultimate celebration of springtime, of rosé and sauvignon blanc releases, the perfect reason to get your family together and reunite with old friends, the time to stock up your cellar with wine and so much more.

To celebrate our 30th, we want to ultimately celebrate you and all of the attendees who make this event possible each year. So we reached out to the loyal attendees who have been visiting us since Passport was in its earliest years and here is what they have to say about this beloved event. 


Where are you from?  La Jolla, CA

Who Do You Usually Bring to Passport?  We come with friends and family, old and new.  Emily’s sisters, Becka and Dorothy attend each year.  They are the infamous Dyson sisters of Passport Weekend.  And now the next generation, our kids and their friends, are starting to attend with us.


Your Favorite Things About Passport: It is a great venue for meeting up with friends that you haven’t seen all year.  No matter how busy your lives are, jobs and kids and “life”, you can always meet up with friends at Passport.

What’s one of your favorite Passport memories?  We have so many amazing memories from Passport.  In 2002, I was the officiant at my brother- and sister-in-laws’ wedding, and we did it at Passport!  Imagine 20 people with glasses of wine and tears of happiness in their eyes, celebrating the union of dear friends.  It was a flash-wedding.  We didn’t have a specific place in mind.  We just did it when the moment felt right.   And Passport was a built-in reception and honeymoon.  Best wedding ever.


Where are you from? Glen Ellyn, IL

Who Do You Usually Bring to Passport: My sister and two brothers

Your Favorite Things About Passport: The wine and food but also being treated like family. Love staying at Camellia Inn.

What’s one of your favorite Passport memories? My brother David, won a drawing at Passalacqua winery for a helicopter ride for the 4 of us.  We were flown to the middle of one of their vineyards and served wine by Mr. Passalacqua!  What a glorious experience!


Where are you from? Pasadena, CA

Who Do You Usually Bring to Passport?  My husband Bruce and I meet up every year with friends from New York (David O.), Chicago (John G.), Seattle (Jim and Sally S.), and the San Francisco Bay area (Alex J., and Muriel K.).  This is our annual get together and a great way to rekindle our long lasting friendship.  Unfortunately both John and Alex have lost their wives in the last couple of years, so the get together has more meaning than ever.

Your Favorite Things About Passport: Trying new wineries for the first time, plus the food and music – not to mention the spectacular wines.  We used to be able to hit every winery when there was only 20 on the list, so now we go to the ones we love, plus try out a couple new ones each year.

Your “Never Miss” Winery to Stop At: There are too many good wineries to pick, but we love David Coffaro, Mauritson, Sbragia, and Wilson, and last year discovered the great wines at Mounts.


Road to Mounts, Passport 2014

Where are you from? Walnut Creek, CA (30+ years, PA originally)

Who Do You Usually Bring to Passport: Spouses, friends, mostly solo of late (sad smiley face).

Your Favorite Things About Passport: EVERYTHING! vistas, wineries, music, food, wine and of course – all the amicable people.

Your “Never Miss” Winery to Stop At: Too many to cite, but Rued, Mill Creek, Fritz, and the group on the hill with Family Wineries.

What’s one of your favorite Passport memories? The Fargo Brothers at Teldeschi in 2013.


Where are you from? Marin County

Your Favorite Things About Passport: Zinfandel, above all. Creative food and wine pairings that we then try to match at home. Introducing new people to the hidden gem that is Dry Creek.

What’s one of your favorite Passport memories? Having all of our family members together at Passport for most of those 29 years.


Where are you from? Southern California.

Your Favorite Things About Passport:  love the food and wine pairings and reconnecting each year.

What’s one of your favorite Passport memories? We used to play in a contest at the end of the day at Seghesio years ago. Dancing at the last stop of the day.


Where are you from?  Frederick Maryland

Who You Usually Bring to Passport:    Right now, my wife and 6 of her friends.  But over the years I brought over 40 from Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio and New Jersey.  At one time we also had an additional 20 from Florida and Virginia.

What’s one of your favorite Passport memories? All this started because of my interest in Sonoma, the wines, the charm of the day and the winery , and the hype and enthusiasm over and about the event. Prior to the event we have had parties to make beaded wine holders, and the ladies hats much like you would see at the Kentucky Derby. Our enthusiasm was contagious and we met oodles of like-minded souls at the wineries. Over the years we can count of many from the bay area recognizing and partying with us.  Oh, and we purchase lots of wines and became favorite sons at some wineries.

Your Favorite Things About Passport:  The wines, the atmosphere, spring like temps, and the many people we meet and chance to drink and indulge in our favorite winery and wine

What’s one of your favorite Passport memories?  The wine, food and entertainment. It is world class and other regions have tried to copy but to no avail.

A huge thank you to these attendees for taking the time to share with us why they love Passport and for sending along these great photos for us to use in our blog! We truly love hearing all of your Passport stories.

Share your own Passport stories with us on social media using the hashtag #DCVPassport! 

Haven’t been to Passport yet?

Well what are you waiting for? The 30th Anniversary is the perfect year to attend and celebrate anything and everything Dry Creek Valley. Learn more about the event here or purchase your tickets below.

Eventbrite - Passport to Dry Creek Valley - 30th Anniversary



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2019 Passport Themes – Celebrate Americana & Family

Let’s celebrate this week with some classic Americana fun and our diverse generations of Dry Creek Valley because we couldn’t have one without the other.

One set of themes focuses on our current sense of place and nostalgia for the good ole US of A. Passport is a time to celebrate our differences and diversity which makes this the perfect tie in to this week’s other group of themes – family. If you’re familiar with Dry Creek Valley you know the majority of wineries are the passion projects and the livelihood of the families that reside in the 16×2 miles. An area that now thrives thanks to the hardwork and generations of immigrants that call this valley home. We think that’s worthy enough to raise a glass to celebrate at these Passport destinations!

Eventbrite - Passport to Dry Creek Valley - 30th Anniversary

Celebrate: Americana

Backyard Fun with Friends at Amista Vineyards

3320 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-431-9200

Travel the World of Wine, but Celebrate with Friends in your own backyard. Bring your Friends and be greeted with a splash of one of our three signature sparkling wines before kicking back and enjoying some backyard fun at Amista Vineyards. We will pair summer backyard bites with our range of red, white, and of course, sparkling wines. Amista ~ Making Friends!

Take me Out to the Ballgame at Comstock Wines

1290 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-473-802

Join the Comstock Team for a few innings as we hit a home run and celebrate Opening Day of Baseball. Round the bases with us and experience an all American pastime celebration in the heart of Dry Creek Valley. Enjoy all-star wine and food pairings, music and old fashion fun at The Comstock Ball Park.

Midwest Hospitality with a California Twist at Kokomo Winery

4791 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-433-0200

Join us in our cellar for some Midwest celebration with a California twist!  Here at Kokomo, we’ll be kicking comfort food up a notch and kicking the dust off our boots to some bluegrass music.  Enjoy our limited production, estate-grown wines paired with delicious savories, specifically created to showcase our reserve wines. So swing on by for our best vineyard designates and some Midwest hospitality – we can’t wait to host you!

Cowboy Boots Recommended (but not required) at Malm Cellars

119 West North Street, Healdsburg / 707- 364-0441

Come celebrate with us as Malm Cellars team of cowboys with over 65 years of experience in the wine business put on the biggest event out West. Bring a Texas appetite and your dancing shoes because you will be enjoying live music and plenty of Dry Creek Wine.

Roll Out Your Checkered Picnic Blanket at Collier Falls at Family Wineries

4791 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-433-0100

Celebrations – The Family Picnic Americana Style while Passport Turns 30 and Family Wineries Co-operative turns 15.  It’s a celebration times two. Ribs, Beans & Cornbread the Family Picnic Table and Collier Falls Vineyards Dry Creek Valley big reds a great combination. Don’t miss any of your favorite wines.

Celebrate: Family

150 Years of Dry Creek Valley at Mauritson Family Winery

2859 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-431-080

For 150 years, the Mauritson family has farmed in Dry Creek Valley. Join us as we celebrate our community – a diverse community of farmers, laborers, artists, chefs and winemakers. Enjoy food and wine pairings by renowned Chef Charlie Palmer, including the coveted new release of the Charlie Clay Pinot Noir and Rockpile Zin, traditional music of our community and local artists. Come celebrate with us!

Celebrating Italian Heritage at Pedroncelli Winery

1220 Canyon Road, Geyserville / 707-857-3531

With 90+ years behind us and the future looking bright we are celebrating our heritage! Founders Giovanni + Julia came from Itay, the next four generations are California born. We’ll pair up family recipes with our award winning wines featuring a menu created by Chef Brian Anderson of Bistro 29. Our flagships Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon along with our other favorites will be highlighted.

Family BBQ & Tonic for Your Blues at Rued Winery

3850 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-433-3

The Rued family has been farming in Sonoma County for 137 years and they will be celebrating Passport with two great American traditions – Barbecue & Blues! B.B. King said, “Blues is a tonic for whatever ails you.” Well, we’ve got the tonic. And, because no one invites friends over to microwave, we will be serving up Bourbon BBQ Pork, Tater Tots and Apple Slaw with delicious Rued wines.

Barrel Taste and Celebrate at Zichichi Family Vineyard

8626 West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-433-4410

Buon Giorno! We are celebrating the Italian Heritage of Dry Creek Valley as we pour our estate zinfandels, and petite sirahs as well as our cabernet sauvginon. We will also be barrel tasting our fabulous 2018’s this weekend at Passport and they are not to be missed. Our wines will be expertly paired to the superb cuisine from Diavola and famed chef, Dino Bugica.

We’ll be sending out weekly themes from now until Passport to Dry Creek Valley! Keep track of the wineries you’d like to get your Passport stamped at and plan the perfect weekend all in our Passport Itinerary Planner.

Make sure you plan ahead of time and check that your planned itinerary can accommodate your group size! Group & dietary accommodations for all wineries – click here.

Eventbrite - Passport to Dry Creek Valley - 30th Anniversary


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2019 Passport Themes – Our first round of celebrations will take you around the world!

For our 30th Anniversary, we asked all of our wineries to celebrate with us! They all decided on various ways to bring in this significant year and we’re excited to start sharing them with you.

Our first round of themes will have you celebrating “Around the World.” Where else can you visit Italy, the Mediterranean, Tahiti, Mexico and France all in one weekend? Anything is possible at Passport to Dry Creek Valley! Get your Passport stamped as you visit these amazing and diverse destinations all within the stunning Dry Creek Valley. No visas required – just your Passport.

Eventbrite - Passport to Dry Creek Valley - 30th Anniversary

Living La Dolce Vita at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery

8761 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 800-831-0381

No need to fly to Italy. Celebrate Carnevale di Venezia at Ferrari-Carano! Enjoy “la dolce vita” with our wine and food pairings especially chosen by Rhonda Carano. Delight your senses with the breathtaking view of Dry Creek Valley from Il Terrazzo and a stroll through our gardens with its meandering stream, gazebo, cork trees and flower beds. Ferrari-Carano is proud to be one of the original Passport wineries and we look forward to visiting with friends, old and new!

East Meets Westward Beginnings at Mounts Family Winery

3901 Wine Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-292-8148

East meets West at Mounts Family Winery as we celebrate our beginnings! We are taking a stroll back in time to our first Passport at Mounts! An exotic belly dancing tribe will delight you as you enjoy flavorful bites of the Mediterranean while sipping on our estate wines! It is sure to be the most memorable wine-infused cultural experience you will have during Passport Weekend!

Quaint Countryside Provencal Marketplace at Quivira Vineyards & Winery

4900 West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-431-8333

At Quivira Vineyards, we are celebrating our Provençal Marketplace with local vendors and locally produced products!

Enjoy an afternoon at Quivira Vineyards, a la Provençal. We practice the highest levels of organic farming, and our expansive garden will be your backdrop. Explore stations of artisan goods throughout our picturesque property. With an estate that mirrors southern France and wines that echo the region, Quivira will transport you there. Come and join our Provençal Marketplace before our vendors sell out!

Tahiti Voyage & Epicurean Adventure at Wilson Winery

1960 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-433-4355

Join Wilson Winery for some enchanted evenings as we head to the South Pacific for an epicurean adventure!  In March 2020 we will be voyaging to TAHITI for our WINEMAKER CRUISE with Diane Wilson: Legends to Lagoons! You will embark on a culinary journey featuring handpicked Wilson Zinfandels paired with delicacies such as Chef Peter Coleman’s Polynesian-style Kalua pork.  This party on the waves with music, food and wine will transport you to French Polynesia in style!

Springtime in Italy at the Carnival of Venice with Martorana Family Winery

5956 West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg / 707-433-1909

Celebrate springtime with the Carnival of Venice at Martorana! Enjoy rustic Italian cuisine paired perfectly with our organically grown wines and be the first to taste our award-winning Rosé. Join the wine club and languish in our members’ lounge while tasting limited-production and library wines reserved exclusively for Martorana members. We look forward to celebrating spring with you – salute!

Mariachi + Barrel Tastings = the Ultimate Fiesta at Mazzocco Sonoma Winery

1400 Lytton Springs Road, Healdsburg / 800-501-846

Mazzocco Sonoma Winery is having a Dry Creek Valley Fiesta and you’re invited! Be the first to experience our live mariachi band while sipping exquisite Zinfandels. Enjoy award-winning wines paired with authentic Mexican cuisine and sample a sneak peak of the 2018 vintage straight from the barrel!

We’ll be sending out weekly themes from now until Passport to Dry Creek Valley! Keep track of the wineries you’d like to get your Passport stamped at and plan the perfect weekend all in our Passport Itinerary Planner.

Make sure you plan ahead of time and check that your planned itinerary can accommodate your group size! Group & dietary accommodations for all wineries – click here.

Eventbrite - Passport to Dry Creek Valley - 30th Anniversary


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Event Roundup for Valentine’s & Presidents’ Day Weekend

There are so many amazing things to do the next couple of weekends in Dry Creek Valley that we decided to round them up all in one easy place for you!

Whether you’re celebrating the love of your life or simply overjoyed to have a 3-day weekend, there’s something coming up for everyone at our beautiful wineries. Plus, the photo ops this time of year are some of our favorites. Make sure to tag your photos #drycreekvalley, for a chance to be featured on our social media channels!


Lake Sonoma Steelhead Festival (Free Event for Families)

11am-4pm. Don Clausen Fish Hatchery/Milt Brandt Visitor Center, 3333 Skaggs Springs Rd, Geyserville

California’s largest celebration of the migration of Steelhead Trout! A great, family-friendly event for all ages. Enjoy food trucks, Bear Republic beer, wines from the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley, Arts and crafts projects for the kids, archery, live music – and even fishing for the kids. Snag a trout to take home for dinner! Educational tours of the Congressman Don Clause Fish Hatchery, wildlife and conservation exhibits, and more.

We’re pouring some incredible wines from: Amista Vineyards, Dry Creek Vineyard, Ferrari-Carano, Geyser Peak, Gustafson Family Vineyards, Kokomo Winery, Pedroncelli Winery, Peterson Winery, Quivira Vineyards and Truett Hurst.

More details here.

Valentines Day Barrel Tasting & Photo Op at Cast Wines

8500 Dry Creek Road Geyserville, CA

More details here.


Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Release at Comstock Wines

1290 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg

We are excited to announce the release of our first Vintage of Blanc de Blanc Sparking Wine. Reserve a Terrace Tasting, and enjoy some bubbles as part of your flight! Reservations recommended.

More details here.



Local’s Day at Amista Vineyards

11am-6pm. 3320 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg. 

Join us for our February Local’s Day Event! February isn’t all chocolate, roses and romance! There are still plenty of reasons to celebrate! Think of holidays like Tater Tot Day, Fat Tuesday and Drink Wine Day (our favorite holiday)! So bring your friends to Amista Vineyards and enjoy some bubbles and still wines and celebrate Drink Wine Day on February 15th.

As always, we’ll be pairing something tasty with one of our Amista wines. Come taste, re-stock your cellar after the holidays and enjoy spending time with friends! And, as always, enjoy Wine Club benefits for the day, which includes access to some of our Wine Club only wines.
Please let us know you’re coming!

RSVP to [email protected]


Sweetheart’s Lunch Table at Sbragia Family Vineyards

9990 Dry Creek Rd, Geyserville.

Treat your sweetheart to a special Valentine’s Day experience at the winery. Indulge in Estate Chef Heidi Finney’s four-course wine and food pairing menu to celebrate the special occasion. Taste love inspired dishes with a selection of our award-winning wines. We invite you to join us for an intimate lunch experience held in our Library Room, with limited seating. Taste our wines the way they are intended- with food and loved ones.
Please allow 90 minutes for the experience. Offering two seatings, 11 am, and 2 pm.  $140 per couple / Wine Club $120 per couple.

More details here.

Rosé Release & Hog Island Oysters at Papapietro Perry

4971 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg.

2018 Rosé of Pinot Noir, Hog Island Oysters & Your Sweetheart. What a way to spend the holiday weekend! Join us as we celebrate the release of our popular always-sells-out Rosé of Pinot Noir. Pair the Rosé with oysters from the world-famous Hog Island Oyster Company. They will be here from 11:00 to 4:00 selling their fresh and grilled oysters, yum, yum! Wine by the glass and bottle available – $8.00 / $32.00 (Other wines available also) Come rain or shine – we’ll be outside if the weather cooperates or in the cellar where it is warm and cozy if it rains. This event is from 11:00 – 4:00. Reservations requested, but not required.

More details here.

Romantic Dinner at Michel Schlumberger

4155 Wine Creek Road, Healdsburg .

Leave the details to us and impress your loved one with a beautiful evening at our romantic Estate! Your night will begin with delicious hors-d’oeuvres and Sparkling wine reception, followed by an exquisite three-course wine dinner in our transformed barrel room. Catered by Laurence Hauben of Market Forays.

More details here.



Wine Lovers Event & Pick-Up Party at Mounts

3901 Wine Creek Rd, Healdsburg

Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate…..a divine love affair dating back thousands of years! Join us as we indulge in creative and delicious pairings! 
Our winter wine club package will be featured and can be picked up by members. Two complimentary passes for members, member guest price is $15 per person. Ticket price: $25 per person (non-member) RSVP is required to attend event. Email us at [email protected] to reserve your spot!

More details here.

What’s New With Passport

We’re so proud to be Sonoma Wine Country’s Premier Wine & Food Festival. But in order to stay that way, we are constantly rethinking the wine experience.

So, for our 30th Year of Passport, we knew we had to add in some new and fun surprises to celebrate!

Here’s whats new for 2019:

  • A Common Theme. All of our wineries are celebrating this year! Theme announcements start next week, so be on the look-out. Psst… get a sneak peak on our itinerary planner.
  • Our Vintage Soiree goes Birthday Celebration at the Ranch at Lake Sonoma. In its 2nd year, this Friday night event includes 30+ wines, a tasting reception, a sit-down dinner, gourmet s’mores, AND dancing – all with a view! More event details here.
  • Get your wine education on with a legendary Founders Panel moderated by SF Chronicle’s Esther Mobley at Comstock Wine’s Prelude Lunch! Taste through the best of the past 30 years of Dry Creek Valley with a guided tasting and followed by lunch. Check out all of our Prelude to Passport lunches.
  • Try and find one of our roaming pop-up parties to get your (free) slush on with Healdsburg favorite – Amy’s Wicked Slush. Amy is hand crafting a Passport slush flavor for this event. What do you think it will be? 

And sometimes, you don’t mess with a good thing. Here’s what’s returning:

  • 41 of your favorite Dry Creek Valley wineries with above and beyond food & wine pairings.
  • Too bad you can’t be in more than one place at once because all of our Prelude lunches this year are incredible!
  • Our presenting sponsor, The San Francisco Chronicle is back! Make sure you stop by and say, “hi!” at their truck at Timber Crest Farms for a free gift. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Sunday paper on February 17th for a special Passport Event Guide.
  • Our vineyard tours showcase the best of Dry Creek Valley.
     Get your boots dirty in the vineyard and learn from the experts themselves.

Tickets for Passport are available now!


Eventbrite - Passport to Dry Creek Valley - 30th Anniversary