We love wine and it’s pretty obvious that that’s our thing. But we understand the initial thought you may have that wine events might not be for everybody – we disagree. We think that there’s a perfect wine event fit out there for you. Whether you’re not keen on crowds, you’re looking to see the world, get outdoors or focusing on purchasing wines there’s a niche for you. That’s what’s amazing about Sonoma Wine Country and Dry Creek Valley, is celebrating the diversity of what there is to offer.

There’s a reason that Passport and wine events become an annual tradition for many (like these longterm attendees) and it’s because they’re fun, celebratory ways to bring everyone together and enjoy doing what you love in a beautiful setting. Here’s what we’d suggest for your next wine event …

Intimate + Low Key

If crowds aren’t necessarily your thing, you can still do wine events! For example, some of our Prelude to Passport lunches are limited to just 20 seats like at DaVero Farms & Winery. And don’t rule out Passport weekend either. While some wineries are definitely a hustle and bustle, there a handful that keep their wine country pace and charm over the weekend.

Travel Focused 

If you are all about getting out and seeing the world – you should definitely be considering a wine cruise! The newest trend in travel feature amazing destinations along a scenic river or on a larger ocean scale, but with an incredible twist and emphasis on wine regions. Dry Creek Valley was the first to bring our local vintners on-board to pair with these itineraries. You’ll explore famous wine regions by day and enjoy your favorite Dry Creek Valley wines at night. Coming up this June, we’ll be heading to Bordeaux and, in 2020, we’ll be cruising the Mediterranean with an incredible itinerary.

Active & Outdoor

Wine is good for your heart and there are studies to prove it! But when you want to be a bit more active and feel that you’ve “earned” your wine then you’ll love our Vineyard Tour options for Passport. Many of our gorgeous wineries offer these tours year round and can include tastings and picnics. Learn about which of our wineries offer tours here or check out our events page to see what’s going on the valley.

Cellar Stocker – For the Case Special Seeker or Cult Chaser

Want to stock up on cases of wine or come across the hard to find bottle to add to your collection? The Passport to Dry Creek Valley is the perfect wine event for you. Many wineries offer specials on wines, are selling futures or feature their newest releases. Passport also opens to the doors to many smaller wineries that you may not be able to access on any other day thereby giving you the “in” to their unique, limited production and hard to come by wines. If you’re looking to buy wine – then Passport is the ticket for you.

All About the Fun

If you’re focus is maximizing your fun then sounds like you need to mark your calendar for our Friday evening birthday celebration, The Vintage Soiree. This year’s event will be held up at The Ranch overlooking Lake Sonoma and Dry Creek Valley. Our Pre-Passport, 30th Anniversary celebration welcomes you with a reception of diverse Dry Creek Valley wines paired with appetizers from local chefs, oysters and charcuterie. Then join us at our family table for a wine country casual sit down dinner prepared by local favorite Chef & Owner Liza Hinman from The Spinster Sisters.

Both cocktail dresses and cowboy boots are appropriate. Dancing and live music are complemented by gourmet s’mores and soul warming fire pits under the stars after dinner. The Vintage Soiree is the perfect way to kick-off Passport weekend and is sure to be a good time.

Eventbrite - Passport to Dry Creek Valley - 30th Anniversary


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