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EVENT UPDATE / Passport 2021 has been postponed due to Covid19

Passport Attendees –

We are always in awe of our Dry Creek community – 65 wineries, 125 grape growers – 100% of which are family owned. We all came together (over Zoom) and confirmed that for the first time in 31 years, we will be skipping a year of Passport to return in 2021. UPDATE Passport 2021 is now also cancelled due to the virus. Between the rush of harvest in the fall, the uncertainty of when we will be able to travel again, and most of all, everyone’s safety, we will wait one year to come together for our annual celebration of our community. As spring opens up and another vintage begins the journey to bottle, I am reminded of why we share the promise of our harvest and our family traditions during Passport and am confident that we will be more eager than ever to host and share our exceptional wines and awe-inspiring beauty with you in 2021.
Our winery community also wanted to offer our Passport attendees a special and exclusive thank you for your support of Passport and Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley, which is 90% reliant on Passport tickets for funding that supports our mission to promote, protect and preserve the Dry Creek Valley wine community. 

HERE’S THE DETAILS: Passport 2022 – April 23 & 24

  • 2-Day and Sunday ticket holders – your tickets will be automatically transferred to 2022 with your chosen starting winery position. There is nothing you need to do.
  • Add-on events: Prelude Lunch, Vintage Soiree, Vineyard Tours, Uncorked Sessions and Designated Driver tickets will be refunded. We will be working in the back half of the year to reschedule these events and tickets can be purchased again when we can confirm a large in person event.

Local Links for More Information:

County of Sonoma

Sonoma County Tourism

California Department of Health

Visit California


We expect a high volume of calls & emails at this time so please be patient.

In order for us to effectively track inquiries, please keep all communications via email and include any/all pertinent information (name/order number/email...).
We will respond as we are able to. Thank you for understanding. We are 100% human and also dealing with the added stressors of this time.

Send inquiries to: [email protected]


The Weekend:

When you purchase your Passport ticket you’ll first select whether you want a 2-Day Passport or a Sunday Only ticket. Next you’ll select a “Check-In” winery. This is where you’ll receive your wine glass, Passport booklet, wristband for the entire weekend. 2-Day Passports only need to check-in once on Saturday. After that, you’re free to explore any of the 35+ participating Passport wineries in Dry Creek Valley. We strongly recommend planning out your routes ahead using our Itinerary Planner to maximize the fun over your weekend! Each winery has their own unique Passport style, truly something for everyone.

2-Day Passports: $150 (plus sales tax & ticketing fees)

Sunday Only Passports: $92.50 (plus sales tax & ticketing fees)

Adding on to Passport Weekend:

This year we are offering a variety of Friday activities if you are in the area. During the day we are hosting a series of  Prelude Lunches and in the evening, the exclusive Vintage Soiree.

If you’re interested in getting out in the vineyards or expanding your wine knowledge in an enjoyable way, be sure to book a morning vineyard tour or an afternoon Uncorked session. We offer Read More about these sessions & tours here. 

For the Designated Driver in your group, we offer single day tickets ($50 per day) so they can enjoy the fun and the food of Passport in a responsible way.

Tickets go on sale to the public on February 1st at 10am pst!

Frequently Asked Questions about Passport

The first Dry Creek Valley Passport took place the last weekend in April of 1990. There were 19 wineries participating and only a few hundred passports were sold. With 40+ wineries participating in 2019 it’s clear how much this event has grown. Passport has grown by word of mouth and press coverage. Attendees continue to tell their friends, relatives and even strangers about how much fun they had at the event. Participants travel from all over the country to attend Passport. From Texas to Pennsylvania, from New York to Arizona…they make their way to the Dry Creek Valley, certain to have their Passport stamped!

What is Passport to Dry Creek Valley?

Passport to Dry Creek Valley® is an annual event showcasing the wineries, vineyards and exceptional beauty of Dry Creek Valley. Wineries up and down Dry Creek Valley celebrate the magic of their valley with wine, food, entertainment and the hospitality for which Dry Creek Valley is famous. Many of the wineries create a theme around which they showcase their wine. Some examples of past themes include Mardi Gras, Wizard of Oz, Summer of Love, Surf’s Up, Disco, Hollywood, Western, and even the Kentucky Derby. Nearly every winery features live entertainment. From Blues to Jazz to 50’s rock and roll, you are certain to be carried away by the festive atmosphere that each winery creates. Unlike other large tasting events Passport tickets are limited and therefore offer a more intimate experience. It allows participants a chance to speak to and connect with the winemakers and vineyard owners on a personal level, and learn more about the history and culture of Dry Creek Valley and its wines. Because the number of participants is limited, Passports are sold first come first served, like a concert. Passports go on sale February 1st at 10:00 a.m. PST every year. To be placed on our mailing list to receive information about Passport and all WDCV events please email your name, address & phone to [email protected]. Passport to Dry Creek Valley is held the last full weekend of April each year, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Why do I have to choose a starting winery?

The starting winery is simply where you will pick up your wristband, glass and event materials on Saturday for 2-day tickets, and Sunday for 1-day tickets. After you have checked in and received your event materials, you are free to visit any participating winery.

What if the winery I want to visit says “sold out” or is greyed out?

Each winery is allotted a certain number of check-in slots. This ensures that the event traffic is spread out throughout the valley and eases the check-in wait times. If a winery is greyed out, it simply means the check-in slots for that particular winery are sold out. After your initial check-in, you are free to visit any participating winery.

What is the price of a ticket to Passport to Dry Creek Valley?

The price of a Passport ticket is $150.00 each, plus tax and service for a 2-day Passport. The Sunday only tickets are $92.50 each plus tax and service. Each person is allowed to purchase up to 6 tickets at a time. You can choose all 2-day tickets, Sunday only tickets or a combination of both.  We also offer a designated driver ticket.

What does a “designated driver” ticket offer?

We DO NOT provide a driver. This is a ticket for someone in your party willing to drive and NOT sample any wine. Designated drivers will be able to enjoy the food and live entertainment each winery provides.

Passport to Dry Creek Valley is a two-day experience immersing guests in the best of the wine country lifestyle. Extravagant theme parties at more than 35 wineries, gourmet food from the region’s best chefs and caterers, top-notch live entertainment, and educational experiences make Passport so much more than a wine tasting event. The designated driver ticket price reflects the cost of creating this experience.

Do I need to be 21 to purchase a designated driver ticket?

Yes! The event is for adults who are over the age of 21. You must carry your ID with you throughout the entire event.

What if I need to cancel?

Passport tickets are non-refundable; however they can be transferred. WDCV is not able to assist customers with trying to sell tickets that they cannot use, or that they are hoping to resell. We suggest emailing family & friends, listing them on Craigslist or a company bulletin board advertising them for sale.  If someone contacts you to purchase them we suggest using PayPal to complete the financial transaction.  Once that has been resolved the seller should give the buyer a copy of their receipt/confirmation that they received after the initial purchase.  The new buyers will then travel under the original purchaser’s name.  The new buyer will go the starting winery originally chosen and give the purchasers name.  The tickets are will call at the starting winery.   Even if the check in staff requests ID they will hand over the Passports.  If you have additional questions contact the WDCV for more information.

How do I get on the Passport mailing list?

Email us with your name, address, & phone to [email protected], or you may call us at 707-433-3031 and leave your information on our voice mail. Once you are in the database you stay in the database. It is only necessary to register once. It is not necessary to register each year.

We would like to attend Passport with a group. Can we hire a bus?

When making plans for Passport, please be aware that large, full buses will NOT be allowed at this event. Receiving a group of 40-60 people at one time is difficult on the wineries. To be responsible hosts, to provide an experience worth remembering, and to adequately describe the variety of wines being poured, smaller groups of people are ideal. Therefore smaller buses up to 24 passengers and limousines are allowed at Passport; however not all wineries can accommodate buses and limousines so please refer to your Passport Booklet to be sure. If you have a group of 6 or more please contact WDCV prior to purchasing to make sure that there are enough starting positions at the winery you choose to start at.  The Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley encourage you to drink responsibly.

May I bring my dog?

We kindly request that you do not bring your dog to event weekends. It is often hot on Passport weekend so leaving a pet in the car is not a good option either.

May I bring my child?

No! This event is for adults who are over the age of 21. Children, including infants in carriers are not allowed to attend this event. If you are seen at the event with a child you will be asked to leave.

Do I need to carry my ID?

Yes! The event is for adults who over the age of 21. You must carry your ID with you throughout the entire event. Many people think that because they showed their ID at their starting winery that they then can put it away. Each winery is responsible for the people tasting at their winery and reserve the right to request ID; if you are unable to provide it they will refuse service. More importantly carrying your ID is the law.

Do you have any tips on how to structure my day?

We suggest that you begin your Passport adventure in the area of the winery at which you are assigned to begin. For instance, if you are assigned to pick up your Passports Saturday at Mill Creek Winery in the southern end of the valley, plan on visiting Armida, DaVero, or Walt Baca etc. on Saturday. On Sunday head to the north end of the valley or vice versa. Go through the online itinerary planner at and decide which wineries are important to you. Once you know which wineries you really want to visit, stay in that general area. It is nearly impossible to visit all of the wineries that participate.


*please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, aftershave or lotions.  Fragrance can overwhelm the aromas and taste of the wines for you and the people around you.

*Limit the amount of wine you taste.  Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Spit; Water is provided-stay hydrated; Take your time at each winery.  The Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley encourage you to drink responsibly.

*Drive carefully-The winding roads are narrow and the scenery is breathtaking!  There is a lot of traffic during Passport weekend.  Please be advised that the California Highway Patrol will be in the valley to enforce parking restrictions.

*As with all occasions at which alcohol is consumed, we encourage guests to exercise caution, limiting consumption, staying hydrated and utilizing one of the region’s many transportation services or purchasing a designated driver ticket.

If you need additional information please contact WDCV at 707-433-3031.

Tickets go on sale to the public on February 1st at 10am pst!

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