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You are invited to the beautiful and idyllic Dry Creek Valley!

Begin planning your getaway to Dry Creek Valley on this page. Each winery in Dry Creek Valley is a reflection of the valley itself – a diverse array of climates, terroirs and personalities — all bound through their commitment and passion for creating the finest wines. Traverse our back roads and be welcomed by our wineries, hear their stories and relax surrounded by our 10,000 acres of endless beauty.

To get started on your Dry Creek Valley adventure, we have curated a series of itineraries, each with a theme and designed to appeal to novices and experts alike. Dry Creek Valley is anchored by the town of Healdsburg, featuring Michelin-star rated restaurants and boutiques. Be sure to pick up a bottle of wine from one of our Dry Creek Valley wineries and inquire about our Culinary Cooperative program for free corkage at participating restaurants.

Don’t forget to add Passport to Dry Creek Valley to your must-do list. This event is the longest-running food and wine event in Sonoma County, and is considered the global gold-standard for Passport-style events.

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We look forward to hosting you in our home, Dry Creek Valley.