What to Expect When You Return to Wine Country

Our beautiful Dry Creek Valley is ready to open its doors for you. We are going above and beyond all appropriate measures so that when you arrive we are able to provide an incredible & relaxing experience. We want to recharge your inspiration and encourage a sense of calm that has been repressed for these past stressful months. We want to welcome you back.

Things will be a little different, but we promise when you arrive that breath of fresh air will bring zen and the awe-inspiring beauty will be the same as you left it.

Here’s what we currently know will change:

  1. Appointment Only. Our wineries will begin to be open by appointment only. You’ll want to carefully plan your trip prior to arrival. Because of the need to maintain a safe distance between tasting parties and to properly sanitize between appointments, there may be less tasting times available. Do your best to keep give each tasting an adequate amount of time.
  2. Outdoor Tastings. Prepare for enjoying your tasting experience outside! Bring some sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, layers, and sun-umbrellas. Summers get hot and we want you to be comfortable.
  3. Arriving With Your Mask On & Adhering to Social Distancing. By now, we should all know the spiel. The check-in process will vary per winery, but make sure you arrive with your face mask on when you meet with the staff. Once you are seated at your tasting area, you can remove your mask so that you’re properly able to enjoy the tasting.
  4. Some Paperwork. Either when you book your reservation or when you arrive, you’ll be asked to comply with some forms outlining your understanding of your’s and the winery’s liability, and that you agree to social distancing & wear a mask when you cannot keep a 6-feet distance from another group or person.
  5. Patience is a virtue. We are all in this learning curve together, so let’s just be kind while our wineries and their staff do their best to adhere to our new guidelines.

How Do I Plan My Trip?

Your Dry Creek Valley – Sonoma Wine Country tasting day may take a little bit more planning now, but we’re here to help! What do you want your day to look like? Is it full of Sauvignon Blanc? Mediterranean wines? Zinfandel? Organic wineries? Historic wineries? Oh my, we may getting ahead of ourselves. Luckily, we have some pre-planned itineraries ready for you to browse and see what piques your interest!


Visit each winery’s website, call or send an email to see if they’re currently accepting reservations at this time. Keep in mind, your tastings may take a little bit longer than they used to. You’ll want to plan for visiting less wineries in a day. Plan for two or three stops so you don’t feel rushed.

Wineries Who Are Accepting Reservations

Click here to view which of our wineries are currently open & accepting reservations.

What is Sonoma County SAFE?

Our hospitality community is committed to maintaining the highest safety standards to protect the health and welfare of employees, guests, and our community while providing world-class hospitality. The SAFE program is a self assessment available to our wineries as a sort of rubric to show to our guests that they are ready for you.

View SAFE certified wineries at drycreekvalley.org/safe.


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