David Coffaro Vnyd. & Winery

David Coffaro Vnyd. & Winery

7485 Dry Creek Rd
Geyserville, CA
David or Pat Coffaro

11:00 to 4:00 daily
$5, which can be applied to a wine purchase

Visit us here at David Coffaro Winery for a behind-the-scenes glimpse and a tasting-tour of our uniquely personal 200 barrel warehouse of distinctive red wines, masterfully blended for complexity and balance. Whether tasting at the bar or winding your way through the barrels, our 7-channel surround sound audio/video system will entertain you with various selections of classical, jazz or rock music daily. On special occasions, you might find a DVD music video or a special sports playoff game projected on our 10-foot movie screen. We grow more than 20 different varietals on our 25-acre "patchwork quilt-like" vineyard, so we're likely to have a few of your usual favorites or one or two varietals you've never before heard of. We offer futures every day, so just ask either of our two friendly and knowledgeable assistants for a barrel sample or two. Sometimes, you will find Dave himself, willing to share his 30+ years of insight into grape growing and winemaking in the Dry Creek Valley.

David and Pat Coffaro purchased their small 25-acre Dry Creek Valley vineyard in 1978 and moved to a modest house on the vineyard in early 1979. Dave, a former city boy, became a full-time farmer and tended the vineyard single-handedly for 15 years, selling the grapes produced, first to the Gallo Family and later to various small, local wineries. In 1994, Dave gradually extricated himself from the day-to-day tasks of running a vineyard and began making wine commercially on a full-time basis. The first year's production was only 400 cases, 700 the second year, and 1300 the third, all handled by Dave alone. When production increased to 2500 cases in 1997, Dave began working with an assistant winemaker, and we now produce about 5000 cases annually. Our mission has always been to make a premium wine at a fair and reasonable price, and to that end, we continue to offer more than 60% of each year's production as futures and sell over 95% of our wine direct to consumer


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